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Restaurant robots can soon replace key jobs


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Automation can improve the service when done right, and make a huge mess of things when not. If it is being used to reduce menial, boring tasks that nobody wants to do I am all for it, but if it is just a way to reduce costs for a business even if it means giving worse service then it will fail and just become an argument against automation.

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Personally I don’t like that development. Of course it’s somewhat technologically interesting, but not more. Don’t you like contact with restaurant staff, meals that real humans cooking for you , coming to your table and have some conversation with them? Well if that’s really the case and the future , then you robot lovers please be even more consequent, and just stay only at home and let a restaurant robot drone come flying to your house and to pump you the meal already pre-digested directly into your stomach.

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Robots are scary.

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I don't get the point of this article. Seems like click bait. According the Oxford Language Dictionary, a robot is:

(especially in science fiction) a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically.

"the robot closed the door behind us"

This article is discussing automation.

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What is a 'restaurant leader'?

As tora points out, 'robots' usually means 'automation'. Or forcing people to do stuff for themselves using an app.

All too often tech is being implemented in ways that exclude the less computer-literate. It is being done solely to increase profitability, and the result is lousy customer service, as most of the tech is inflexible, inadequate or just rubbish.

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Seeing more and more touch screens at restaurants, conbinis, and other places. I like the trend. Order at your table without having to call a waiter over.

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