Retinal scanning display glasses developed for weak-sighted people

By Hiromi Kamichika, Nikkei Digital Health

QD Laser Inc has developed a prototype of glasses using retinal scanning laser eyewear technology, which it co-developed with the University of Tokyo.

The prototype was exhibited at the 1st Medical IT Solutions Expo of Medical Japan 2016, a trade show for medical devices, last week.

The glasses directly project an image on the user's retina. They do not require the user to focus his/her eyes for seeing an image. Therefore, they enable even weak-sighted people who cannot have enough sight with glasses or contact lenses to see clear images.

QD Laser said it plans to commercialize the new glasses as an eyewear that supports weak-sighted people or as an AR (augmented reality) device that superimposes information on part of the user's field of view. The company is currently asking PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) whether the eyewear for weak-sighted people would be certified as a medical device according to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act), planning to file an application as necessary.

As an AR device, QD Laser expects that the glasses will be used for gaming and displaying work instructions. In the medical field, Maki Sugimoto, an associate professor at Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, prototyped a surgical navigation system using QD Laser's eyewear.

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As a person whose vision is so bad it cannot be fully corrected by glasses (I'm 20/40 corrected at best) this is a welcome development.

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Wonder what sort of Virtual reality implications something like this has... why look at an image created by light when they can just directly feed your retinas what they should see?

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This sounds extremely cool.

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