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Review: Google, Apple decent contenders to Office


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Narrowly focused article I think. Open Office and King soft are both free or have free versions which are compatible with the MS formats and for most part are just as good if not better because they have less unnecessary features. Its OK in Japan to think of always being connected to the net but other countries like Australia with crappy data limits are a joke for that kind of cloud computing. Further more, when you really need your doc and the net fails what can you do if you can't get a local copy. Personally I think Google Docs is the biggest loser in this comparison and MS office is too expensive to not include the full suite like Access and the full language packs that you otherwise have to pay extra for.

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^Agreed^ I was wondering why those were left out. Open Office has constant updates and King is even mobile. I think Open Office has a mobile version also.

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Well, I have Linux at work and a Mac at home. I use OpenOffice or LibreOffice: they are free, work on both OSs and do a fairly good job at opening MS Office files. If someone sends me an MS Office file that I can't open I delete it. Problem solved. Not using MS Office is a good way to avoid being lumbered with tedious tasks.

For presentations and writing papers I use Latex (also free, multi OS etc). I wouldn't want to use anything that required an internet connection as it would be useless on the train and elsewhere.

Save your money and spend it on something worthwhile. If you're paranoid you might also ask yourself how much US government spy software comes with MS Office.

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I use AOO or Android Open Office, works well.

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You get what you pay for.

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