Review: Google laptop impresses, but don't try it offline


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999 dallar for a notebook that only runs chrome browser. guugle now has so much money, they want to be so different from mykrosoft and apel, they can afford any absurd little pet project experiment. it would be so nice if they return to "do no evil", and use that money for something more socially useful. the usefulness of the chrome-guugle-machine is the same as the golden apel dumb-watch, no difference.

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it would be so nice if they return to "do no evil", and use that money for something more socially useful

What makes you think they don't?

You realize that in order to have money to do something 'socially useful', they have to make the money first, right? And you know how they make money? By coming up with goods and services to sell to generate that money. And with the money they make from selling said goods and services, they are sponsoring 'socially useful' things like those in the link above.

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Chromebooks have their uses, but not as the main computer. Even Google advertises it as your secondary computer.

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All putting something on the Google cloud does is make it one more piece of data to be co-opted when the cloud server is hacked (and you KNOW it will). I wouldn't be surprised if Apple was paying hackers to test Google Drive's security.

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In the olden days, we would call it a thin client: a machine that serves as a terminal, while the actual computing happens across a network connection.

I'm not paying $999 for a thin client, if I can get an autonomous machine for less.

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Should be a desktop, which is always connected. Makes no sense to have a connection-dependent system on a laptop, whose advantage is portability.

Geez. Just buy an Asus thin and light for half the price. Am I the only one who gets this?

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