Review: Microsoft email better, not revolutionary


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( ̄ー ̄) I'm sticking to Gmail. Microsoft can try all they want to remain relevant but I am not taking the bait.

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Gmail is the best there is. fast, easy and free. always improving their product. Love it.

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First people were offered an address, then an one, then then

What a mess.

Have Microsoft no idea about branding?

Now, when we login we have to type in the whole address because there are so many possible variations.

What was wrong with hotmail? I like the sound of it... they should have just stuck with that.

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choiwaruoyaji wrote:

Have Microsoft no idea about branding?

They do. They have to keep changing it whenever the majority of users become familiar with it and decide they don't like it. Changing the brand brings people back to look at it again.

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I've had a hotmail account since 1998... That's 15yrs! I cant use anything else! Gmail is foreign and obscure to me... even yahoo mail wasn't good enough. I will be a hotmail user until I die, or it does... whichever comes first.

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I can't understand why people trash Microsoft so much, I mean if was not because of MS you guys will not be using computer at home.

Talking about haters and jealousy of other pleople success.

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Both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail suck, but the latter is by far better than the former, which is in its... what... 18th variation? The move that bothered me most about Gmail was that since its creation you can no longer do certain things on Google sites without having a Gmail account to log into, and having both Hotmail and Yahoo (the former of which I use solely for junkmail) plus an Apple account, softbank account, yahoo co jp account and who knows what else anymore, I don't need another.

Microsoft has to change everything because their customers, as you say The True, get used to it and/or don't like it. That is the sure sign of an inferior product, bottom line.

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Microsoft email better, not revolutionary

That's Microsoft, in a nutshell, isn't it?

When has Microsoft ever produced anything revolutionary?



"Smart" phones?

That watch thingy?


The Office Suite?

They make good mice (mouses) though

But they are not revolutionary either.

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Longtime users of Hotmail, MSN and other Microsoft email services will start noticing a big change

yeah I noticed a big change in 2004 when I ditched my spam ridden P.O.S hotmail account and got a gmail account. It was a big change. Went from a worthelss 2MB account limit to over 1GB and the best spam filters around. Microsoft you are 9 years late to the party. Having and android phone and gmail is a thing of beauty and gmail's priority inbox is golden - only mail worthy of my attention give notifications - brilliant.

Microsoft - leaders at one point but lately too late to the party, far too late with e-mail, Browsers -( i.e was simply horrible until very recently) with tablets, with mobile phone OS. too late microsoft, sadly becoming increasingly irrelevant. Office and legacy windows users are what keep them in the picture - relatively few are biting with Windows 8. When people's current Xp, win7 machines die in the coming years where will their next device be coming from? I'd wager low end home users will suffice with an ipad or android tablet, heck Ubuntu tablets are looking pretty sweet too.

microsoft - too late.

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ps. - the writer of this article is just plain wrong.

No longer do you have to worry about whether your friend or colleague can receive large attachments. Just let Outlook add the file to SkyDrive and create a link to send by email. You get 7 gigabytes of storage for free. Google doesn’t integrate its own storage service, Google Drive, with Gmail the same way

doesnt integrate? yeah it does! I have done it many times, heck I just did it now to cut and paste the message I got when I tried to click attachment.

Goodbye attachments. Hello Google Drive. Google Drive is the one place to create, share and keep all of your stuff. You can now insert files up to 10 GB in size stored in Drive straight into emails

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