Ricoh to install 100% eco-powered electronic billboard in London


Ricoh Co on Wednesday announced the completion of an billboard that will be 100% eco-powered, located on the motorway which runs from London to London Heathrow airport.

Solar and wind-generated electricity will be stored and used to light the billboard, Ricoh said. It will gain and store electricity for lighting from a private power generator that harnesses the energy of the sun and the wind. The billboard may not light up in poor weather because it receives no power supply from outside sources.

Ricoh said the eco-board in London will communicate the company’s stance to promote “sustainable environmental management” that simultaneously conserves the environment and creates profit. They are part of a global project Ricoh is advancing with a focus on natural energy. 96 solar panels and five wind turbines will produce an average of 12,612 wh of electricity per day.

Ricoh previously installed an eco-board of this type, which lights up exclusively with solar-generated electricity in Times Square, New York, The billboard made its debut in June 2010 following test lighting that began in April 2009.

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The best eco-powered billboard in the world is the one that is not built at all.

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Sounds like a large billboard.

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Expect a large blank board for most of the time . When does London ever see the sun? Rain & wind yes! Sun no! A company advertising stunt if you ask me..........

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