RIP Internet Explorer: South Korean engineer's browser 'grave' goes viral

By Claire LEE

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SK's problem was its insane government-mandated requirement for ActiveX. Whenever governments get involved with tech, misery ensues.

When they had ironed out the bugs, IE wasn't too bad. The biggest problem with browsers was and is the malicious use of proprietary standards to break competing products.

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Strange but understandable that people feel strongly about something that was imposed to them in some ways even when better alternatives were available. Maybe something similar will happen in Japan once fax machines are finally abandoned (if ever).

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The memes about IE have been really fun even if it was technically replaced by EDGE a good while ago.

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'He was a good tool to download other browsers.' Hmm. Pity about the English. May I suggest two better options:

He was a good tool to download other browsers with.

He was a good tool for downloading other browsers.
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quote: What a waste of money.

Rather cheap for global, viral publicity. Ad agencies would pay a heck of a lot more for 2 mins on national TV. SK has no 'tour guide only' rule, so any tourists, domestic or international, visiting his brother's cafe to see it, should pay for it many times over.

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