Rise of the machines: Philippine outsourcing industry braces for AI

By Karen Lema

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Lots of food for thought for all the English teachers out there.

My advice is to be able to do (or teach) something else.

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"I don't think our excellent command of spoken English//"

Some may disagree on this so-called "excellent" description of that English

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With every multi-syllable word ending with a raised inflection, I question the claim of "excellent" as well.

I'll take AI over Indian operators ANY day!

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I work in AI specifically on support and call center automation and the Philippines has nothing to worry about. Artificial intelligence merely gets the artificial part right. the intelligence for doing BPO isn't there. as the article says, combing through millions if rows of data to predict outcomes is not actually working because human intelligence doesn't work that way. the error rate doing it this is too high. language, a joke. at best the AI will help make humans more efficient and possibly 'shift left' the easiest tasks and even these are likely to need human oversight to error correct. so called virtual engineers are little better than trained parrots and 40% of the humans these things support will demand a real human at some point. it's all snake oil. even IBM Watson, playing chess or jeopardy isn't a sign of intelligence, merely having a finite world where all input and output is predictable because there are know unknowns. bpo, operations are full of unknowns and no AI has ever succeeded in handling unknowns. if the philippine companies want to stay relevant they should adopt the tech specifically to increace human efficiency

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