Road test: Chinese 'robotaxis' take riders for a spin

By Beiyi Seow and Dan Martin

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Hey. Maybe they can replace the Olympics with robot athletes and robot spectators! Artificial Intelligence, that is a misnomer, it is: No Intelligence. Am I off the mark here, moderator?

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Robot world. From the creators of Uber, Tesla and other companies completely lacking in ethics or moral judgement. Libertarians who have no interest in the common good or social contract. The new robber barons. Intent on displacing human labor, in the taxi industry. Which is not out of empathy, but to garner increased profit while eliminating workers or completely exploiting labor. NOW. The Chinese enter the market. E-commerce and its antecedents.

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KITT car from the TV series 'Knight Rider'. Remember that?





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Yeah, just what we need.  Even less jobs for humans.

Similar efforts are under way in the U.S., and AutoX's chief executive Xiao Jianxiong told AFP the first fully-autonomous vehicles could be on the roads by the end of the year.

And this is nonsense also.  all these people puffing their own schemes - driverless on the roads is still years off, if not decades.

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"Why not, they have already made robots out of their people"

Well they don't drive like robots, lol. Unless their robotics engineers have mastered chaos theory or have incorporated random control inputs into their programming.

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Why not, they have already made robots out of their people

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Human driven cabs in Shanghai are white knuckle rides already. This........ah, well, no thank you.

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Johnny Cab, with a living, breathing Johnny.

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