Robot artist 'draws' crowds


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It is going to put all of those poor artists at Picadilly circus out of work.

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More proof that engineers have nothing better to do than replace humanity and human skills

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Image capture --> image processing --> output to plotter

Nothing really new here. If it were (successfully) progammed to distort the image automatically to produce a caricature (as the first sentence implies, although it isn't) that would be impressive.

But the street artists of the world can rest easy for the moment, as they still have the advantage of price.

Whereas a caricature might set you back $20 or so, this robot is worth at least 40,000 euros ($52,000).

An absurd comparison. The $20 is for a single picture but the 40,000 euros is for a machine that can produce thousands of pictures - or do something more useful.

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"If you have very small lips, the computer registers very small lips"

What does the computer make of Mick Jagger's lips or Angelina Jolie's lips?

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