Robot receptionist welcomes shoppers


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Well that Matrix begins, and we know how will finish?

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like many jobs in Japan, can be easily done by a robot. traffic attendants next, office coffee ladies etc etc. oops hold on J gov wont like that thered be no income taxes to collect. maybe they could make a robot tax!?

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income taxes from robot industry will grow

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Time to buy stock in SkyNet.

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Why not invest in people instead of robots?

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Why not invest in people instead of robots? nice thought but when it comes to big business only profits count, robot is much easier/and cheaper to teach what to do, no pensions/insurance/sick leave, oh and salaries to pay.

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Humans: need a place to work, monetary compensation, benefits compensation, and breaks for biological functions (food, waste elimination, and rest) resulting in "down-time' of around 16 hours in a 24-hour cycle.

Robots: need a place to work and electricity. "Down-time" is limited to maintenance and repairs - resulting in almost 24 hours availability in any 24-hour cycle.

No matter how you look at it, a job involving highly repetitious actions can be performed cheaper and more efficiently by a robot than a human.

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"Excuse me, ma'am, but may I have directions to the Uncanny Valley?"

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Nice, but I feel the robots that can save lives at Fukushima and other NPPs are much more useful. I wish them all the best, though.

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OK. Human beings have created robots. But what we can say for sure is that human beings have not created themselves whatsoever. Thus, we and robots look like puppets in the hands of something mysterious and unknown. However, I don't want to get into the religious and philosophical issue here.

Switching gears: And now I begin to fear human beings would end up tying the knot with robots in some distant future. I really want to avoid that. At any rate, human beings are very sophisticated living creatures, and thus the current robots can't hold a candle to us for now.

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"She can't answer questions" Neither can her human counterparts on most occassions these days so may as well shop on the net afterdoing your own research

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