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Robot vacuum cleaner responds to voice commands in 3 languages, plus Kansai dialect

By Yuri Kageyama

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vacuum. what is Sharp's economy forecast for the year?

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I called mine ahondara and it moved to the corner and sulked.

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Make it cheaper then it will sell better.

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Robot Vacs have been around for a while, and if they are like regular vacs, they probably work for about 18 months then peter out, after all warranties expire.

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Japan is known for its prowess in robotics

not really, not when Japan has to employ robots from other countries in nuclear accidents. Ironic that of all places where nuclear robots had to be shipped in, it was Japan.

For the story then it would be more correct to say "consumer and manufacturing robots" rather than "prowess" since Fukushima is such a glaring omisson, which negates prowess

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quantity of robots isn't prowess

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i saw this in the tv this morning.... the reaction of the robot from the voice command is so slow like it takes about 5-6 seconds before it could respond... i dont know how will this fare on a noisy neighborhood

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At double the price of comparable robotic vacuums, this one better be able to suck more than just the dirt off the floor --without any malfunctions.

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a hip humorous dialect Kansai-ben is this?

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Vacuums suck...

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Kansai Jim prefer to use simplistic language is the implication here?

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Kansai ben cool? NOT. Looks like a law suits are in the future for Sharp, maybe a copy right one and one involving that camera. Since it most likely will be hacked and you Japan and it's love of pictures from a low angle looking up.

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