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Robot waitress from Japan serves up smiles in war-torn Afghanistan


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Good for them, great to see other nations enjoying the benefits of robots. The kids look delighted! And good for the robotics-AI industry in Japan - this could become a huge export for Japan if promoted well.

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Why don’t we see robots in Japan serving food instead of retired pensioners?

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Kup. Maybe pensioners could use the extra money?????????????????

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Kup, the seniors need to keep moving and need to have something to do. Otherwise, they will just be left to pasture on their own. Giving them jobs increases their sense of self-worth and makes them feel that they are needed.

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Can't actually see any smiles in that photo......

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They’re not smiling because they are thinking it can be an IED.

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"Benefits of robotics"??  Surely there are countless real people who would love to make a living waiting tables.  Is this really necessary?

And how long before this robot is blown up as being ungodly or somehow or other an sult to religion?

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The kids look delighted!

Project much?

They looked marginally interested, at best.

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