TikTok owner ByteDance moves to shift power out of China

By Yingzhi Yang, Echo Wang and Alexandra Alper

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How very convenient for them...sending American technology know-how and state secrets straight from American soil with complicit American sympathizers helping them out while getting paid for it!

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I question the timing: First Twitter recently employs a PRC woman for its board member ( Fei-Fei Li), a former Google AI "expert". And now TikTok wants to "move to the US".

All these just before the US elections.

You wonder why Twitter --after so many years---only NOW wants to "fact-check" Trump?

I see that the corrupted CCP's propaganda machine has now moved closer to the US.

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Sorry, still cannot trust TikTok regardless where they move to or whom they hire. It will take decades and may be gereations before any Chinese firm will be trusted at been honest and reliable. The world already found out that China's entire economic system including those major corporations cannot function outside of their government involvement and control. That government has proven itself to be unreliable and dangerous to the entire world in more ways than one. Sad, but experience is the basis of wisdom. And, I am hoping that I am much wiser today about China and their business ethics.

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