S Korean tech firms shake up Japan's storied manga industry

By Sam Nussey

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I heard a lot of the creators for Web comics barely make enough money to live. Around $1000 a month is doing good. These apps are just another way for a big company to screw over artists, just getting more effecient at it these days.

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It was only a matter of time. As usual, Japanese companies missed out on the opportunity.

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South Korea eating Japan's pie. Keeps happening way too often.

Samsung is doing it.

Hyundai is doing it.

LG not far behind.

It's time to wake up! This stagnation will have serious consequences for our economy and security.

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Koreans had this to say about K-Pop by Japanese: "Who would eat something like Japanese kimchi?

I completely agree.

For Japan, "Manga by Koreans" means the same thing.

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"You don't know when titles will disappear from the apps, so when I want them close at hand I buy them," Misaki said.

THis person is probably in the minority.

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LG not far behind.

Actually LG already ate Japan's OLED and EV battery business. LG is called the king of EV batteries.

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All of those (Ok, 3) companies use copious amounts of Japanese components and materials to produce their products.

No they do not.

Samsung already stopped using material from Japan as of this year for semiconductor fabrication, thanks to Abe san. Only Japanese vendors that are supplying from their factories in Korea are allowed to supply Samsung.

Hyundai also doesn't use Japanese parts, this is why Hyundai/Kia alone was immune to Takata airbag disaster when it hit every Japanese, European, and American automakers, because Hyundai/Kia didn't use any. This is why Hyundai/Kia alone is running its production at full scale while most other automakers are hit with global chip shortage, because Hyundai/Kia switched from Renesas to local automotive chip vendors that fab their chips at Samsung foundries.

Hyundai Not Much Affected By Global Shortage Of Semiconductors - Here's Why

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@samit basu

LG uses Joled's oled panels for it's professional displays and LG's 32 inch and 40 inch TV's use Joled PANELS.

Samsung already stopped using material from Japan as of this year for semiconductor fabrication, thanks to Abe san.

not true. Samsung's lee san made more than 600 trips to Japan in the last 8 months to secure raw materials in Japan for the chips to manufacture. not only that, all the equipment in samsung's factories are made by Japanese companies. Japan and Netherlands hold 98% of market share of Semiconductor manufacturing equipment with Japan holding a bigger pie.

 LG already ate Japan's EV battery business. LG is the king of EV battery. 

well, actually CATL is the one we should be worried about. it's rapid rise is the real threat. Panasonic is least worried tho. Panasonic's market share is already in safe hands and is expected to rapidly expand from the beginning of 2022. LG should be super worried tho . Even Hyundai is now signing up with CATL according to a few reports.

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@Samit Basu

ohh.. sorry. that's the total no. of visits by samsung executives from South Korea to Japan in the last 8 months of 2020.

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