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Samsung's Galaxy S8 hits stores


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Shame about the price....around $840....allowing for costs of manufacturing and country tax regularity regime the profit margin is a around a cool 60%.

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But... not in Japan.

And SoftBank doesn't even carry the S7. They are still trying to push the S6. I am trying to move on to a low cost cell carrier to save about 7000 a month so I went in to talk to SoftBank about getting my MNP number (to switch carriers and keep my cell number). Just for kicks I asked them are you getting the Samsung S8? They replied "You mean the Galaxy S8". Lulz. I guess Samsung's attempt at trying to hide the fact that their phones are in fact, GASP, South Korean phones, is working in Japan.

Also the S8 and S8+ sim unlocked versions are not out for another month.

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Word around the camp fire is the new iphone will retail at $1000. At the moment I have a Samsung s5, and carry around a second hand updated Fujitsu Lifebook SH90/T faster ram, 2tb ssd drive. I am tempted to return to Blackberry because I drawn to the keyboard.  S8+ in UK will retail at around £730.

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Won't be out in Japan until summer, Docomo needs to make their bloatware and rename the device for whatever reason. I at least hope Japan gets the slightly more powerful CPU model.

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I would assume a story with a headline like "Samsung's Galaxy S8 hits stores" at a website called "Japan Today" would give at least some information about the phone's availability in Japan.

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Can Anyone tell me the release date of S8&S8+in Japan please??

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@Arif Hasan : Expect it in the summer.

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