Samsung and Google unveil Galaxy Nexus smartphone


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Lets encourage fair competition. Bring the price down. Sell more and make profit.

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I think the better news is how great the newest "Ice Cream" (4.0) Android OS is. It runs even faster and handles the memory/cpu much better whle saving a lot more battery. It apparently works super well with multi-core CPU's which most newer Android based smartphones have now.

With that said, I can't stand the design style of the Samsungs. They use too much plastic and curvey designs. It's totally clear that HTC has the better design team, and they use aluminum in their designs, not plastic, but, I know "looks" are all personal prefference.

during a demonstration at the Hong Kong unveiling, the Face Unlock feature failed to activate the Galaxy Nexus.

I know there is an Asian joke in here about how they "all look the same", LOL

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^^ ah, turns out, the model demonstrating the "face unlock" feature didn't have it activated. idiot.

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They use too much plastic

but once you put a cover/case/bumper on it, you cant tell/it doesn't matter. plus the plastic makes it much lighter.

I watched the unveiling event live on youtube, it is a seriously nice device. Docomo wil have it first!

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I am an Apple fan but hey, bring on the competition! The more competition the better for all of us, the consumers!

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Are there people walking around with big pockets? It doesn't seem pocketable to me.

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Nexus isn't on sale in Japan, I tried to buy it couldn't find it, or am I looking in the wrong places?

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Its sad that DoCoMo didnt go for the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus. I hoped DoCoMo also brings the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus so people can enjoy 24 hour free calls to DoCoMo users with the new Xi talk plan.

@gogogo Old Nexus were not available. This new one will be realsed by DoCoMo in November

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Are there people walking around with big pockets? It doesn't seem pocketable to me

you must have really small pockets my friend..that is of course until apple releases the "5" with the same dimensions, then your pockets will miraculously grow, kinda like the baby kangaroo which grew up.

Back on topic: I am fairly disappointed by its lack of an extra memory slot....

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really brilliant spec! But a bit too big. It seems difficult for me to use this with one hand. I would like to use one with about 3.5-inch display, not iPhone.

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those models are tiny asian women. don't be fooled into thinking it is a large phone. most people around the world will never get to try this phone out because those bastards at apple will of course sue for a sales ban in every country in the world.

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