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Samsung bringing super-size smartphone to U.S.


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Isn't that just a large version of a PDA with phone capabilities?

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So ... now we have a cross between the tab and the smartphone?

Although I kinda like the idea of having less gadgets to carry around with me, the idea of lifting a tab to my face to talk to someone is utterly ridiculous imho.

And, what's wrong with having separate items for separate uses? Use a tab or notebook for video, surfing and reading, and use the smartphone for calling and short notes.

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How can people fit such large gadgets into their pockets? I have an iPhone and I think it is huge, apparently to others it is not big enough.

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It is the best phone ever. It's slightly too small. 6" will be perfect.

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It's already 1 month here in Russia... Or even 2 months.

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I have a Samsung Charge, which is a little bit bigger than an iPhone. It fits nicely in my pants pocket. I can't imagine going any bigger - something that big would even be in the way if it were in a holster.

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I wanna have this one. 5inch must be the best size tablet for me! oh but are they gonna sell it as a phone...?

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They may be going too far now with all these different product lines...................

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When will it come to Docomo???? I want it? I already bought the case for it and the case fits quite well in every pocket of my clothing. Not too big IMHO!

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I have the sansung galaxy nexus and I love it. At first I was discouraged because the camera is a littme behind in development. But now I can honestly say I love it! The phone itself is big for my pockets and sometimes falls out.so.Icannot imagine something bigger for phone purposes.

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Samsung makes brilliant phones. But the innovation I'd most like to see right now is a cure for the bug (either in the phone or its Android Gingerbread software) that prevents my brand-new Galaxy S2 from interfacing properly with most Bluetooth headsets and car kits. My impression is that they are so busy pumping out new gadgets that they have no time to make sure the existing ones work right.

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