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Samsung ditches headphone jack after jabs at jackless rivals


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I can't be the only one thinking they have a striking resemblance to Sony's Xperia line.

Anyways, ditching the headphone jack doesn't benefit anyone... So if you have a nice, wired, high quality pair of headphones, you're either forced to buy a new wireless pair or resort to using that little dumb USB C cable... That's really one of my biggest gripes with today's high end smartphones.

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kinda childish to make fun of other makers (re; no earphone jack) and then to do it yourself so quickly! It doesn't make Samsung look good at all

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I still use wired headphones sometimes as there are a benefits to using them. I guess I won't be getting one of these for my next phone.

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It’s quite a trade off. Bluetooth drains the battery quite quickly, so there is very little advantage in ditching the headphone jack to increase battery size.

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My Sony Xperia 1 has that same issue, no jack so have to use that bloody awful usb-c to jack converter. What's really annoying is that Sony don't offer the same converter for general sale and the only one I can get has a second cable for charging and 3rd party cables seem to have compatibility issues.

Still, I did get Sony's nice and expensive $300 wireless headphones as part of the pre-order for the phone. Which is nice.

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So what if my battery is low and I'm listening to music in a library? I listen to music or phone tv apps with headphones on to fall asleep without disturbing others. My battery would die quite fast if not plugged in, or be so drained as to not be of any use the following day. There's a reason our eyes, ears, and mouth are not combined.

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That jack is also a microphone input, which the media rarely ever mentions.

I have used mine professionally to capture high-end audio, including when shooting video. The input on my fabulous LG v30 is well worn, I can tell you.

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Do the hustle-the new Bluetooth 4 has a negligible impact on battery performance, and supports HD audio formats as well.

With the right headphones, the quality is significantly better via Bluetooth than with a cable. Look into the Sony 1000xm3 for example, you can compare them in an electronics store. The headphones have much more space inside to include a long run battery and much better audio amplifiers than what's available inside the phone.

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No headphone jack, no support from me. In Android circles, especially Note owners, this is a big deal. Many fans of the Note are vetoing this version and will upgrading to the Note 9 instead, or waiting for the (inevitable) failure of the Note 10, and a "fixed" Note 11 to include the headphone jack.

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Like it or not, if Apple does something, you better be prepared to do it to. Probably best not to make fun of them or you end up with egg on your face when you end up going down the same path.

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Not buying for this reason. ..

And give us back our swappable batterys !

Dumb move Samsung.

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