Samsung extends lead over Apple in smartphone market


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Iphone 11.8 percent market share and dropping and thats with the new models. considering most of those sales are in North America justs shows how unpopular iPhones are outside this market. That innovation pool seems to be running dry.

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My Galaxy S7 Edge is really an amazing phone. My iPhone-owning friends keep joking that I should have gotten an iPhone but then I would be so limited in what I can do with a phone. And the camera, the camera... wow. Shooting RAW with a phone is something I never thought would happen.

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Find a new hobby horse. why would i need a new hobby, just stating the facts about Apple, their market share outside north America is around 7~8% . Shows that innovation is interpreted differently depending on where you live. Galaxy Note phones crap all over Iphones in almost every way and at a cheaper price. And ive been using mine for over two years and never had an issue. waiting on the Galaxy Note 7.

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