Samsung joins the fold with Galaxy Z Flip smartphone


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I still remember the commercials from when I was studying in Korea back in 2010. Samsung was working on the folding screens tech back then and planned on unveiling it in 2020. They released it a lot earlier than projected. The S20 and all its variations are beautiful. But these new price tags are outrageous. There is no smartphone that is worth $1,600. I feel like that just picked that price tag because of apple. The high end Note 10+ 512GB 5G was $1300

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Consoles, desktops and laptops are for gaming.

TVs are for watching UHD content.

Phones are for calls, messaging and impromptu photos/video.

Combining all these in one device is a compromise, not least because (for gaming and UHD content) the screens are too small. Throw in very compromised game control and you have something that is a jack of all trades but a master of none..... all at ridiculous (forced) prestige prices.

People aren't stupid. Maybe Samsung should consider that before trying too hard to appeal to 'trendsetters'.

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I just hope they spend R&D on the BUILD QUALITY and DURABILITY of the device. That's why I dislike Samsung and I much prefer LG (you could even call me an LG fan) when it comes to South Korean electronics. Samsung has a serious tendency of shooting itself in its foot. Galaxy Note 7, the 1st gen Fold, just to name a few.

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Those new Samsung flagship phones are NOT for the average Japanese people - cuz they can't afford it. But Samsung has A Series phones that are more suitable for them. Samsung even removed "Samsung" logo on the phone so that the Japanese can buy them guilt-free lol

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Jeff KoFeb. 13  05:40 am JST

Samsung even removed "Samsung" logo on the phone so that the Japanese can buy them guilt-free lol

Actually, Samsung removed their name from the phone and only use the model name due to conventional practice in Japan that goes back many decades, the most common use being removing the Toyota, Nissan etc badge from the front of the vehicle and replacing it with a unique emblem (such as a "C" mark for the Corolla).

It's got nothing to do with being "guilt-free" and everything to do with establishing a instantly memorable identity for a flagship product.

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