Samsung keeps top spot as smartphone market grows


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My Galaxy Note 3 is the best phone I've ever had, period. The best thing about it is the pen, what a helpful tool with my daily tasks. I am looking forward the the GN 5, later this year. There's a good chance I'll be updating.

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I have an iPhone 5s and will most likely getting a Galaxy S6 or Galaxy Note 5. The iPhone 6's camera takes blurry photos from what I've seen.

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The future is Chinese!

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The quarterly survey by research firm IDC showed the global market for smartphones grew 11.6% from a year ago to 337.2 million units, the second highest quarterly total on record.

Unbelievable. A market of this size, and with this kind of growth, and not a single Japanese firm is even mentioned as being a player in it. Shows how far the Japanese electronics industry has fallen. Certainly, Japanese firms are supplying parts to these manufavturers. But the fact that there are no Japanese brands involved is amazing given how important brands like Sony, Sharp, Hitachi, Panasonic, etc. were just a decade or so ago. IMO, this is a direct result the "Galapogos effect" where Japan Inc. chose to isolate its mobile market to avoid competition, but lost out on the far larger global market because they were not feature or price competitive. In other words, they cut off their nose to spite their face.

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Smartphones are sophisticated commodities. All the high premium prices of Apple & Samsung will gradually & steadily disappear. Chinese smartphone makers will bring down prices with better and better products. It will be a mass global market.

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Smartphones are one of the most profitable industries (if not, the most profitable industry). Profit margins are much higher compared to other industries such as shipbuilding and automobiles. Sony tried to come back with their Z smartphone series but failed. Now with the falling yen, Japan's car companies are enjoying high profits, however, I don't think this will necessarily last for long. The fact is that every single Japanese company is doing relatively well due to the weak yen, while the Japanese worker suffers.

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@PeaceWarrior i wanted to get that phone but I got another about a month before it came out, heard heaps of good things about it, and the screen size a awesome, not too big it can fit your pocket and not too small your fingers cant push the keyboard buttons. will definately get it next year

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Smartphones becoming a commodity. Like with tablets - used to be ya need to spend US$500 or more to get a decent tablet; now ya can get a good one for a fifth of the price. Same thing will eventually happen to smartphones too - those who spend US$500 or more on a smartphone will be seen as someone burning a whole thru their pockets.

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Sony tried to come back with their Z smartphone series but failed.

Besides the iPhone, Sony is the big seller in Japan.

40-50 million smartphones a year

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Too bad for Samsung that Apple makes 92% of the cellphone profits.

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It's a really good phone and the battery life is out of this world. A friend of mine just got an iphone6 and my two-year old phone's battery life is a lot better than his even when I have my VPN going all day long.

I've had a look at the GN5 and if it is brought to Japan, I'm definitely get one.

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I can only dream... I want the "dumb phones" to come back.... I don't need smart phones... though around the world seems that people need them... cause the holders lack the "smart" part.

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