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Samsung pulls tablet PC from trade show amid row


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Cool Apple.

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Samsung however vowed to take "all available measures, including legal options" to defend its presence in the European market.......

Samsung has more skeletons in the closet than any others. I hope this move will bring some of them to light.

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Sansungs phones are way ahead of that rotten fruit company.

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Nearly every consumer technology company I can think of has, sometime somewhere, been accused of tech plagiarism. Apple copied XEROX. MicroSoft copied Apple. Yadda yadda yadda. The list goes on.

However, Samsung did push a few too many touch-screen buttons on this one - figuratively speaking. I can't vouch for any similarities between actual parts in the iPad and the Galaxy, but I wouldn't be surprised if internal design logistics are involved.

Still, I find it funny that Samsung would counter-sue for wireless tech infringement. If they really had a case, they probably would have filed this months ago, if not years. What's even funnier is that, AFAIK, the iPhone has had more issues with wireless reliability than any Samsung phone. :P

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Technology patents are a joke. Apple is just whining before losing all of its iphone, ipad market share to their competitors Samsung being their chief rival. Apple has no more rabbits to pull out of its hat frankly and Android phones are going to surpass iphones in months.

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melon, ANdroid phones have long surpasses the iPhone, it's almost a year now... Never mind Android's generally much better interface and freedom... Also Android hardware is very diverse (see the gorgeous Sony media player also drive by it)

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