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Samsung ramps up Apple challenge with large handsets


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If you can't compete with Apple just copy apple as well as dyson, sony and everyone else. Good job samsung the worlds #1 copy kat.

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"Samsung pay" sounds like something you would say to a waiter or butler. It has already failed the catchphrase test. It could have been "S-Pay" or "G-Pay". These would have sounded like "ig-pay, atin-lay", but are at least more catchy.

And Samsung simply has no magic. The products are not bad, but world-beating products are more than utilitarian. Samsung is not alone here, Sony and others have long since lost their magic as well.

If Samsung were smart, they would create an upmarket subsidiary without the Samsung name attached to it. And they would work on engineering their own unique products instead hitching onto the back of Apple's wagon.

Steve Job's great goal before he died was to out Samsung out of business, he said publicly he would spend every penny of Apple's money to achieve that goal. But he could have saved his money, Samsung is putting themselves out of business without his help. Ironically enough, Samsung will probably make the bulk of their money next year from selling chipsets to Apple.

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It's a pity that Samsung took this road, creating good looking devices aimed at the selfie taking, facebook writing, and angry birds playing users. No sd slot, no removable battery is all very Applish. Sure Samsung's offerings are superior to anything Apple has to offer, but for the power user it's all a big step back. Just hold on to your Note 4, and hope that the Note 5 will be a commercial failure.

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A non-removable glass back means you don’t get access to the battery and you don’t get a microSD card slot either. Like all of Samsung’s flagship phones released this year the Note 5 doesn’t allow for expandable storage.

Besides the stylus these were the big selling points. Note 2 and 3 new are $180-280 and that is a great deal. I am also a big fan of the Note 8" tablet and feel it has better size and feel than the iPad Mini. For many years large phones (phablets) were compared to the Note series with taking away the battery/uSD access serious geeks will be looking elsewhere or just keeping their old Note.

What they should have done with this Note 5 release is compare it to the Note Pro line of tablets and show how well that system works and i would have incorporated the watch with that (cell phone to big to handle while walking so the watch is used). You can get very good deals on the NotePro tablets online with the cell/data plans also for only $50-100 more.

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"If you can't compete with Apple just copy apple as well as dyson, sony and everyone else. Good job samsung the worlds #1 copy kat."

What's dyson? Sony makes phones? I never saw those in the US. In the US, most of the phones are from Apple (1), Samsung (2), LG (3), ...

Apple should have stuck with their original size. I had no problem telling the differences between the two (Apple and Samsung). Now, Apple phone sizes are similar to the sizes of Samsung phones. Now it's really difficult to tell. I have Note 3 (which I got a few years ago), and the latest Apple 6 (or something) looks like my Note 3. It's annoying.

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When is Samsung going to make a garakei?

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Only a very lunatic, crazy person will enter his/her credit card info into a Samsung/Android-virus-prone smartphone. The aim of a mobile pay is to make it safer and faster. Faster is ok with Samsung. Safe?...hmmmmm

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Iphone vs S6 edge - Coke vs Pepsi - Mac S@it vs Burger King LDP vs ???

And the world keeps turning

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If you can't compete with Apple just copy apple. Good job samsung the worlds #1 copy kat.

If you look at it, Apple is the worlds number 1 copycat. They didn't invent the smartphone, smartwatch or tablets. All of which were invented by other companies way before apple.

Any case, if you are talking about big screen smartphones, I have an original Galaxy NOTE 1, which came out years before the iPhone6. At the time, many people panned the galaxy note 1 for "being too big". But when apple comes out with a big phone it's "revolutionary". too many applefan boys brain washed out there, proven by the long lines everytime a new iPhone comes out.

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"If you can't compete with Apple just copy apple"

That's pretty funny. Apple was late to go with big screens. A variety of Android devices came out with "phablets" about 8 years ago, and 4.7 inch screens became the standard for Android back when iPhones users had a choice of 4 inches.... or nothing.

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Truth is that Samsung has no creative designs, and shamlessly copies whatever is out there making a splash. Its new Samsumg Watch is just a carbon copy of Apple Watch, to the point of being ridiculous.

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Guess it's better to attract any attention than no attention, however negative it may be.........

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the automobile industry is no different.

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