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Samsung releases new Galaxy S4 smartphone


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Imma get it ^.^

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Most people that are going to buy the Galaxy S4 is for the sole reason of SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE, any cheap android phone can perform perfectly.

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Samsung to shed its copycat label and show it can match Apple’s creative clout.

Really? I looks like an iPhone to me!

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“But is it the best phone? No. You’re still much better off with the iPhone 5, or the HTC One if you like Android,” the technology news website said.


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An ugly thing, it gives an air of tackiness to its owner.

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The eye-motion sensor bit is freaky. I don't want my phone watching me. Creepy.

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This new 5" phone will most likely be Samsung's most popular ever. Costly now but with a 2yr agreement is $199. This phone may even cut into their tablet sales => people will choose this phone over a tablet. If this phone is too big then get the S3. Huge pressure on Apple iPhone to go bigger now. You can get the Samsung Note 2 (5.5") for ~the same price. =Will the Note 2 go bigger (6")?

Samsung needs to work on their phone Apps. These phones have 3 music players on them, multiple video players etc. That is alot of clutter. They need to package these apps in some way to give consumer choice in a practical way (same for many Android phones).

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An ugly thing, it gives an air of tackiness to its owner.

i-wit ?

Most people that are going to buy the Galaxy S4 is for the sole reason of SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE

Uh no those folks get an iphone.

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You should buy this latest Samsung phone after a year. Do not chase every new model, specially when the economy is bad, who knows there will be no bonus this mid-year (June or July) or no salary increase at all. After a year or two, good phones like Samsung S4 would still all be alright. Usually, with new phones, even with 2-year contract, many services specially data plans and email plans are required with for two years also.

Recently, I bought Fujitsu Arrows F-10D with cash upfront... it cost only 12,800Yen with no other contract except the voice plan of 780yen per month. F-10D was released in August 2012.

The same price was offered to me for Galaxy S3 (12,800Yen only) and Galaxy S3-Alpha (19,800Yen). But I chose F-10D because all the major parts and the phone itself (including the battery) are MADE IN JAPAN for a price of 12,800Yen in which the only agreement is two-year contract.

The F-10D has some sort of eye-contact sensor where it will not go on screen-saver mode while you are staring on it.

I paid just for the phone. I removed all data plans, email, and other services. Just the phone with voice plan of 780 yen.

I will use my Wimax portable router for data.

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Plastic crap with buggy and useless software which makes you look like a fool when you try to make a call with this thing. No thanks...

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Keeps getting bigger. Haven't looked into the S4 that much though, still satisfied with my S3 and don't see myself going back to the iphone anytime soon.

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Where I have to put it? Too big to be Mobile phone.

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You do have a point and maybe Samsung needs to sell clothing with pockets big enough for these devices. Bought an Android just to try out a larger screen (and Android). ==> still like my iPhone better, but the larger screen is a big plus. But the iPhone I can use with one hand. Wanted a Note2 but a contract or $800 outright is kind of heavy. Have a 11" tablet (HP TouchPad) but to heavy so I never use it.

Was at my local Best Buy (looking for a killer blue-tooth headset) and they were setting up one of these Samsung "shops" up. Expect a big Samsung push this summer.


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I want it!

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Apple's reign is on the decline, unless they create a real game-changer.

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So when is DoCoMo going to get it?

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Every time I got a new apple, Sony, or Microsoft product, I made sure I waited and had those companies prove themselves to me. I for one don't believe the ridiculous biased hype that many feel when talking about a said company, because we can no longer swear by name brands anymore. (remember when people used to do that?) Best of luck to samsung S4 and set a fire under apple's arse to keep them improving it's new devices and have this back and forth push. I also hope those who jump on the new shiny bandwagon prepare to brace themselves for unforeseen problems if they should arise. I never understood how people are so gullible to place themselves in hard spot, and spends tons of money on something that hasn't proven it'self fully. Time usually tells all, and many times on both Apple and Android users, those who thought they were cool in line and flashing those new phones. Later are embarrassed and blame the world for their ignorance. Do your homework.

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Samsung is one of the top most leading manufacturers in which the mobiles and accessories are stylish and it is of good quality. The new S4 smartphone comes with the new advanced features and specification. Thanks to samsung. http://www.vicky.in/shopping

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Where I have to put it? Too big to be Mobile phone.

Kids these days! If you want to talk "big", then take a gander at the first cell phones: http://www.velvetron.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/motorola_cellular-one_cell-phone_web.jpg and all that phone could do was make phone calls.

NOW talk to me about how the Galaxy S4 is "Too big to be (a) Mobile phone"!

An ugly thing, it gives an air of tackiness to its owner.

I suppose that would be true if you define "tackiness" as anyone who doesn't show off that they spent $800.00 on an iPhone5 when they could have spend less than half that on an S4. Sorry, but I'll handle being called "tacky" if I can save $400 on something that will probably only last 4 years or so before I upgrade.

(signed) a current Galaxy S (no number after it) user.

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It's not a smartphone, it's too big to put in my pocket.

Fadamor - Virtually no iPhone5 owners are sorry they have it.

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Strange, according to the article, it is the S4 that is $800. As for a comparison between the 2 phones, here is an interesting comparison... don't try this at home. :-) <http://mashable.com/2013/04/29/galaxy-s4-drop-test/ >

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@ka_chan What kind of an idiot would drop their phone in the first place?

@Serrano Good. Keep your iPhones to yourselves. It's too big to put in your pocket? Lose some weight bud.

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You have a newest Samsung Galaxy S4, it has the newest sensors, but you can not understand how to use it? It's very easy now! A ClimatSens for Samsung Galaxy S4 shows a Temperature, Light, Humidity and Atmosphere Pressure data on the screen in real time. Nothing excess, nothing difficult - you have all data in a split second. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.alekseevsoft.climatsens

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