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Samsung rolls out replacements for Galaxy Note 7s plagued by exploding batteries in S Korea


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Man this really sucks. The note edge was my first Note. I really love the phone and I'm looking forward to getting this one. Hopefully everything gets straightened out and it still comes to Japan.

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Who made the batteries, or where were they made?

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Who made the batteries, or where were they made?

According to US news reports I watched the defective batteries were sourced in Korea and the batteries that were reported as OK ( in the vast majority of phones sold - btw ) came from Chinese manufacturers...

A bit of a reversal from normal stereotypical "Chinese products = cheap / unsafe"...

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The battery supplier was Dongguan ITM Electronics from Dongguan, China.

Samsung SDI is focused on high margin EV battery and scaled down own consumer electronics battery production.

Two suppliers of Note 7 battery

Samsung SDI -> Outsourced significant portion to Dongguan Electronics to meet volume on short order. Dongguan manufactured batteries are catching fire while Samsung SDI manufactured batteries are OK. ATL -> Chinese subsidiary of TDK Japan.

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