Samsung says 10 million Galaxy S II handsets sold


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" Apple is one of the biggest customers for Samsung’s chips and display screens." A company with a win win situation.

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Great phones too !

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Nice phone with good features,but iPhone 4 build quality is better.

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thats why apple is having patent war.Its better than iphone4 but lets see how it compete with iphone5.

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Very good phone. A while ago, products made in Korea were regarded as low-quality in the Japan market. But, today, Samsung has built up trust, especially in the mobile phone market. In comparison with Samsung, almost all Japan's companies offer worse and expensive phones.

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just today I read Apple want to try and get a court injunction against Samsung phones and tablets being sold in Japan!..... Apple's new slogan "it just sues" If the samsung phone wasn't any good they wouldn't be bothering, as I am sure there are other handsets out there that infringe.

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