Samsung says patents developed by Google engineers, not Apple


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It will be interesting to know how many fanboys/girls are on the panel of jurors. When it all boils down to it, the decision could hinge on a few pro or anti-Apple supporters.

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"Apple is accusing Samsung of infringing on five patents on newer devices, including Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Specifically, Apple claims Samsung stole a “tap-from-search” technology that allows someone searching for a telephone number or address on the Web to tap on the results to call the number or put the address into a map. In addition, Apple says Samsung copied “slide to unlock,” which allows users to swipe the face of their smartphone to use it." pure sillyness from Apple... So how far behind is the iOS compared to Android???

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It will be the Apple way** or the highway for consumers if Apple have their way: resulting in Higher prices for phones apps and everything related. Apple is fighting consumers not samsung. ** It's sad.

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Suddenly, Microsoft's Windows Phone may suddenly go from also-ran to leading competitor status to Apple in the cellphone market.

It's not a crazy suggestion--if Apple wins this case, there may be nothing to stop Apple from doing the most audacious step: suing Google directly over Android itself. And don't think alternatives like Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch or the Samsung-developed Tizen will be unaffected: all three of the cellphone operating systems I mentioned still use a grid system of displaying icons on the home screen--a design that Apple may have a patent on as part of iOS.

However, Windows Phone 7 and 8 with its very distinct tiled icon interface has just about nothing in common with iOS in terms of user interface. This fact, plus the fact Microsoft is now seriously considering very generous license terms for Windows Phone 8.x versions, could entice many cellphone manufacturers to adopt Windows Phone 8.x versions to avoid being caught in the legal crossfire between Apple and (eventually) Google.

It will be very interesting how this affects Sony, the most visible Japanese cellphone manufacturer with its Xperia series of cellphones. Does this mean Sony may have to seriously look at Windows Phone 8.x versions for future Xperia models?

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