Samsung seeking to block sale of Apple's new iPhone 4S


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OH MY!! Sounds brutal. Good Luck Sam. Those boys at Apple know how to dish it out. The sad thing is, even if Samsung could win, I would never buy their products.

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Infighting and only the customer loses...

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Oh samsung why lower yourself to the same level as Apple.....

if it was not for apple we wouldn't have smart phones. Funny thing is why do they call it smart phone when so many stupid people own one.

True to that, only stupid people think that apple invented the "smartphone", improving doesn`t mean inventing...oh wait that was not what you tried to say..?

Infighting and only the customer loses...

I agree completely.

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Only the lawyers are in a win-win situation here.

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Mathew Bellarose: "Funny thing is why do they call it smart phone when so many stupid people own one."

Because it does pretty much everything for them, so they can be as stupid as side of beef and the phone will compensate. :)

Seriously, though, this is a rather sad attempt by Samsung to make inroads in the market. The first smartphone was iPhone, I think, so not sure why they say Apple has stolen their tech.

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Apple started it by putting an injunction on Samsung in Australia.

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Samsung Galaxy is a Cloned of Apple iPhone, Samsung should just stay out and keep quiet.

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The first smartphone was iPhone, I think, so not sure why they say Apple has stolen their tech.

WHAT?! Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Hello, Blackberry? You think that there were no smartphones before the iPhone? Before 2007? Think again. The original iPhone was a highly successful smartphone but definitely not the first as there were earlier ventures in the smartphone market by both Nokia and Ericsson. And, gasp! some of them even had touchscreens! This is what's wrong with the brainwashed Apple cult; you'd think Apple products preceded electricity the way some of them glorify the toys that come out of Cupertino.

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smartphones were invented way before the iphone, like it or not:

but it's true, the iphone perfected the art, and since that's what everybody wants, some companies copy rather than innovate.

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Samsung infringed on what makes smartphones sell - the looks and the user experience. Apple infringes on what makes cellphones work - the wireless communications. Technically Apple is more at fault, but in fact there are hundreds of technologies needed to make a cellphone and Samsung owns the patents only to a fraction of them. The iphone looks and user experience were the only one in the world until Samsung copied them rather shamelessly. No matter how they spin it, everybody knows which product is a ripoff.

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Iphone for the rich in the first world countries and Samsung etc..for the rest of the world??

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Please stop writing this, I need work.I'm not stopping to laugh...... after years on end plagiarizing Japanese products including plasma and LCD market has been created by Fujitsu and Sharp,almost destroyed these industries in Japan.They are now realizing that Americans are not tolerant of the Japanese. galaxy is cheap imitation,anyone who has basic knowledge gadget knows that the Apple product is superior.

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I had a keyboardless smartphone with linux OS, touchscreen, 2MP camera with video recording capacity, internet browser, email client, integrated stereo FM tuner, voice dial, cursive handwriting recognition, document viewer (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), mini-USB, Bluetooth and more... way back to 2005. An iPhone prototype? Not, a Motorola MING. Then had a iPhone. And now a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S2. ;-)

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