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Samsung sells 110-inch ultra-HD TV for $150,000


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I'll wait until the price comes down to 150,000 yen, and then I'll buy it!

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I thought they were called 4K because they had 4000 pixels from side to side. Anyway, it would be nice if all new movies were shot in 4K - most are recorded at 2K. Up-scaling doesn't cut it.

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Soon we won't need movie theaters. Um, take a look at the photo of the two ladies standing to the right of the TV... why does the woman on the left HAVE NO FEET?? Her left leg is crossed over her right and comes down to... nothing is there... empty space between her dress and the floor. w..t..f?

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This gigantic panel is more a vanity thing for now.

But when the Samsung Ultra HD TV's in the 50, 60 and 70 inch (diagonal) sizes arrive over the course of 2014 and 2015, they'll be way more reasonably priced and will include HDMI 2.0 connectors, very necessary because by 2016, we'll have a successor to the Blu-ray disc storing Ultra HD video and the new Ultra HD broadcast standards will be arriving--and the disc player and set top box will likely need an HDMI 2.0 connection.

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Is it made for the 1% in Hollywood and Middle East? and perhaps Kim Jun Un and N.Korean elite?

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"JonathanJoDec. 31, 2013 - 06:51AM JST

I thought they were called 4K because they had 4000 pixels from side to side. Anyway, it would be nice if all new movies were shot in 4K - most are recorded at 2K. Up-scaling doesn't cut it."

Most films are shot on 35mm celluloid. A pixel based measurement of the resolution is not applicable to 35mm as the image on the celluloid is comprised of emulsion grains which vary from stock to stock at the discretion of the film-makers themselves.

These emulsion grains produce an image clarity and quality far beyond 2K and in some instances greater that 4K resolutions, but 35mm film will scale well with 4K as the resolution is comparable. I don't know where you get the idea that movies are mostly "recorded at 2K", because that simply isn't true.

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Currently there is no content to watch on 4K/UHD TVs. It's great if you want to watch the demo clip over and over again.

A Blu-ray disc still looks ridiculously good on my 60-inch plasma, but in 5 years I'll sound like that guy who said 640K memory is enough for everybody. I'll keenly await the price to drop on UHD TVs over the coming years.

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But Samsung and LG failed to make OLED TVs a mainstream that would replace the LCD television sets and still struggling to mass produce larger and affordable TVs with OLED.

and in other news

The Korean won continues to strengthen rapidly against the Japanese yen, threatening to further erode the price competitiveness of Korean exporters against their Japanese rivals.

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How much is the protection plan on that?

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That is a beautiful TV.

@ Wait for it...

Good eye. If you download the top image from JT and look at the right hand side, you will notice that the texture on the wall unnaturally changes and that the lady's dress has an odd shape on the right. It is digital editing. Also then, you can image search the smaller alternate photo on JT, the one with the missing feet, and then search for larger versions with a search engine. In a larger, 1024x780 photo, you can see one of the lady's feet but there is some odd obfuscation in that area. You can also notice that the wall on the right does not match with the wall on the left at the bottom though it does match at the top. Instead the brown wall is aligned with the TV's bottom. So both photos have been edited digitally, probably to block out another company's display, by placing a fake wall that was misaligned at the bottom to the TV instead of the real wall which is just sloppy, not to mention the oddity with the feet again. I would have passed this over, if you had not mentioned it. Very interesting.

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I'll have to move to an apartment with bigger walls before I can buy that.

But all in all, technology is AMAZING!

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If that TV fell over on you ... you'd be in for a world of pain.

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Most films are shot on 35mm celluloid.

Becoming less and less true, unfortunately: http://www.laweekly.com/2012-04-12/film-tv/35-mm-film-digital-Hollywood/

Samsung sells 110-inch ultra-HD TV for $150,000

If they ever really do sell one of these behemoths, I have a feeling it'll be for less than the "list" price.

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