Samsung sells more than 10 mil Galaxy S4 smartphones; Apple takes aim with patent lawsuit


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I have read in lots of other news that Samsung is lying about have sold 10 million pieces in one month. They say that Samsung actually shipped that amount, and a high percentage of that 10 million is inventory, not actual sells.

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@LostinNagoya At least it's better than Sony's Xperia. Don't even try to bring up the "plastic" nonsense.

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Majority of iPhone users use "plastic" cases for their iPhones.

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LostinNagoya, Samsung never reveals their own numbers (neither shipped or sold), the counts are always done by the carriers or third party analysts who have no ties to the company.

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Well. Here in Canada. Rogers is proclaiming that Samsung sold 10 million.

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If Apple wants to beat Samsung and then Apple must reduce price to Samsung price. I hope Apple has learn lesson with Samsung. Apple has to blame for Samsung stealing its idea.

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@chucky3176: as pointed by FORTUNE, there's a huge difference between sales and shipments numbers. And Samsung itself blasts these fantasy numbers to the world:

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@LostinNagoya Using an unrealiable source... Why not use something other than Apple fanboy's website?

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@John Master, if FORTUNE is unreliable to you, then you know nothing...

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@LostinNagoya I was referring to your link: APPLEINSIDER

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@John Master, if had read it properly, you'd learn that it's FORTUNE analysts are stating that Samsung is going to ship 10 million units. Appleinsider is just one of the many sites that merely copied and pasted FORTUNE's article. If you don't trus Appleinsider, then google the article yourself. There are tens of different sites with the same article on them.

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Only a fool would think that it's Samsung copying from Apple these days. Completely the other way around.

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Only a fool would act like a fanboy towards a brand. I often see Applefags vs Samsungfags and stuff like this. Man, are these companies your best friends or something? God, the world today is so broken. I don't care if Gucci or Prada are doing better than Louis Vuitton (I'm Italian).

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Magnet: "Only a fool would think that it's Samsung copying from Apple these days. Completely the other way around."

Sorry, my friend, but Siri is an original Apple product, and the Samsung voice command feature clearly came after. How Apple came about the software has been detailed, more or less, but you don't hear about how Samsung came about it. They have clearly stolen a LOT of ideas from the iPhone. Basically the only original thing about Galaxy is a bigger screen (why don't they just make a small tablet with a phone function?).

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@smithinjapan - Google Siri. It is NOT an original Apple product. It was bought from DARPA. Voice command technology was around long before either Samsung or Apple started deploying it on their devices. Apple, on the other hand, is considering widgets for the upcoming iPhone (at least that is what's been going around in the rumor mill), a very Android feature. You mentioned the bigger screen, something Apple is also slowly moving towards. Don't knock it till you've tried it, it's a welcome improvement. I've had both the iPhone and an Android phone. Guess which one is being used only to play music in my car.

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@smithinjapan Did they invent rectangular shape as well? Did they invent touch-screen? Did they invent voice command feature? FYI Voice command feature existed LONG BEFORE Apple's terrible Siri system.

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There has been a rumor that next iPhone will have 4.8" screen. Is Apple copying Samsung now? Wiill you guys continue to complain about how Galaxy is way too big?

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@Alex80, it's not so much of a fanboy issue as it is a consumer concern. Apple is trying to limit competition and innovation, which in the end results in us, the consumers, having less options and alternatives. Just look at all the patents they're holding. Have they made use of those patents? Some of them, maybe, but a good majority are being locked up so they can incrementally make small additions to their ridiculously overpriced products. Meanwhile, manufacturers that have even remotely similar ideas that they would add to new products get held back from doing so thanks to Apple's legal team. The only similarity that the S4 shares with the iPhone, as far as I can see (excluding Siri, because I don't consider that to be a genuine iPhone innovation), is that it's a smartphone. Yet Apple, fearing competition in a global market where their sales are on the decline, will persist with patent lawsuits. As a consumer, you should be concerned too, unless of course you're a fanboy yourself and approve of Apple's methods.

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Here in Japan, you can get an iPhone cheaper than an Android. Monthly usage charges included. I suppose there is little demand for low end Android smart phones in Japan.

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It's just like the photo/video sharing features that are done touching Samsung device to Samsung device, or the other plethora of fun that has come to be known in the Galaxy line. It's not about "hating" on Apple: But when the innovations just have't been there on the hardware side of a 4" screen with proprietary software and a perpetual "this is how it is must be done" mantra from the maker, then you can see how it has become easy to bash Apple.

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Meanwhile, Samsung's profit margin on their hand sets keep increasing to almost rival Apple's. LostinNagoya, since you like taking biased sources from Appleinsider apple fan club, here's one for you. Apple's profit share down to 57% from 72%, while Samsung's profit share up to 43% from 27%. The two companies are going the other way in terms of profits. How can this even be possible if Samsung only ships the phones but unable to sell them?

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Chucky, you apparently don't understand a thing. Where did you read that Samsung is not selling the phones it shipped?? If you could read, you'd see that what analysts are saying is that Samsung is boasting that the WHOLE number of sold G4 is actually the WHOLE number of shipped phones - which is a accounting trick, and in some countries, it's even a financial crime. Read again the whole article, maybe you can understand this time. Making easier for you: if Samsung were a shoes store seller, he would say that he sold 10 pair of shoesin a day to a client that actually asked to see the 10 pairs, but bought only one. But the seller describes to the accounting person that he sold the 10 pairs because he considers that by showing the client the shoes it's indeed a selling. Quite different, huh? As for the share comparison: go study the quality of shares. It takes some time, but you will understand.

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@Magnet: I got your point, and someway I can agree with you. It's only that sometimes you can see some people support a brand like if it was a soccer team, and fanatism is always wrong (also in soccer).

As a consumer, you should be concerned too, unless of course you're a fanboy yourself and approve of Apple's methods.

Sorry, I'm not an Applefanboy. You could be surprised by the fact that I have not any smartphone! My cellphone is a very old Nokia...I guess it is 10 years old, more or less, and it's still working very well. ;)

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Samsung sells more than 10 mil Galaxy S4 smartphones; Apple takes aim with patent lawsuit

Well the headline explains the current state of afffairs..Samsung is rolling and Apple tries to slow down the train with their lawsuits. I'm sure the next IOS version/5s will put Apple back into the game, but until that time all they can do is nitpick on the exact amount of sales of the s4.

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Alex80, hats off to you sir! Some of my best phones in the past were Nokias. Good on you for keeping them alive. I'm surprised you were able to find one here in Japan. I totally agree with you about brand fanaticism though. Having experienced most major brands and having gone through the rounds with Apple, I'd have to say I am quite vehement against them, but only because I see through their strategy.

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Huge fan of the 8850. ;)

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I'm surprised you were able to find one here in Japan.

I'm Italian, and I bought it in Italy. Since it still works perfectly, I don't mean change it! ;) Pretty high quality stuff.

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LostinNagoya May. 27, 2013 - 02:22AM JST

the WHOLE number of shipped phones

i don't see what the problem is here. samsung is a manufacturer not a retailer. for example when toyota reports the number of cars sold, does it report the number of toyota cars that the retailers sold or the number of shipment to the retailers?

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Manufacturers report the number of items shipped, not sold to customers. Only the individual retailers know how many their stores are selling. It's standard practice. Usually the numbers are pretty accurate but sometimes you have a case like the original XBOX that quoted numbers shipped to Japan when everyone knew the inventory was sitting unsold on the retailers shelves. I'm guessing that's not the case with Samsung.

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This bring revolution in the technology it.

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