Samsung, Sharp in LCD price-fixing settlement


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compensate consumers residing in 24 states and the U.S. capital Washington who purchased products containing LCD panels between 1999 and 2006.

To claim, do people have to have receipts of purchase that were done 5-12 years ago? Corporate businesses may have records of transaction, but smaller businesses as well as individuals usually throw these away after the tax computaions are over.

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Yep dig up your old receipts you know you should've kept them

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Eight companies.....over the course of seven years.....and the total settlement isn't even a billion dollars? Good job, American regulators; way to take those payoffs like pros.

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Sounds like Americans and other people in the whole should not buy from those companies for awhile... When their sales go down... it will hit them harder than just paying some big amount... I really don't think they care that much... Or maybe its the Asian way of doing business... either way we shouldn't buy anything from them for awhile..

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