Samsung to deploy software patch after Galaxy S10 fingerprint flaw found

By Jung Yeon-je

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Samsung has this bad habit of releasing relatively incomplete products, for the sake of being first or one of the very first to do so.

The Galaxy Fold is a great example. On a "race to beat the Americans" (if you can even call that), they've initially tried to release a completely flawed product, then took it back, "fixed its issues", then released a slightly less flawed product.

For the giant that it is, it should take a few notes from the other Korean giant, LG, or even giants from the overseas country, Sony or Panasonic, in making quality and reliable products.

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Luckily that issue wasn't found on my Note 10+.

While it offers the same face unlock as Apple products, using your fingerprint with the scanner behind the screen is so much better. Never liked how quickly and easily the Apple face ID unlocked my phone.

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Security breaches like these are why I never have and never will buy a Apple or Samsung phone. They're for people who either don't care or don't know what they're actually dealing with.

The Korean article writer really went out of his way (again) to make Samsung look as huge and giant as he possibly could in text form, which only makes one think 'why?'. Why does every Samsung article sound like a paid advertisement copy and pasted from the Samsung website "About Us" page?

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Using biometrics as the only form of authentication is a security failure.

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Shame of Samsung ... again! They are giving themselves a bad name

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