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Samsung to launch foldable smartphone in September

By Josh Edelson

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i dont understand who would want to buy this crap and they still want to push it out to be sold even though they know its just a lost for them with all the problem that it has atm

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Isn't that the fold phone that breaks after 3 times opening and closing it? Good luck with that.

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They're probably desperate, realizing their incompetent government has messed up their supply line.

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Well, the foldable smartphone has to start somewhere - and this is it. Yes, it 'failed' earlier in the year with various problems that have apparently been rectified. I don't think they are expecting it to sell in great numbers. The first smartphones didn't sell in great numbers until Apple got it together with the first iPhone, which people seem to forget had its own limitations at the time. It wasn't even 3G when launched in 2007 and we had been using 3G widely for a while by then.

So, to say its a 'turd'or a 'fiasco' is a little harsh when nobody has even used one yet since its had its improvements and nor will they until September. I guess all who made comments above actually read the press release from Samsung today. (not)

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My thoughts exactly, but when that bandwagon gets to rollin'.

I'm looking forward to trying one out, just for the experience. (2k for a phone is not happening tho)

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Impressive, futuristic tech, but maybe not one to buy as an early adopter.

I do hope it works though, and look forward to when I can afford it.

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I got rid of all my things that were made from Samsung

and i refuse to buy anyting korean made

until the government learns to properly conduct itself in international relations

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Tokyo earlier this month restricted export to South Korea

No.  Japan only cancelled the preferential treatment for SK.  SK can still import from Japan thru normal trading procedures.

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Fool me once...

Nice try Samsung but I learned my lesson from the first foldable phone. But I can't complain, because of them, I got a free XS max from my US phone provider.

Samsung has been my saving grace since the Note 7 fiasco. They keep pushing out faulty phones, I keep buying them, get full refunds, and then a free phone from my provider. Living in Japan, Samsung can't handle my warranty directly unless I fly back to the US. So my US phone company compensates me for the additional headaches of dealing with Samsung's limited services.

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Based on current S10, Note 9 prices, IMO, Fold will be closer to $1k, which makes it very compelling. I travel with a phone + tablet currently, the Fold would replace both, and when you add the two screens into it, at some point in the future an app will make use of both screens, eg portable HUD + driver facing display in auto application.

I'm interested if the price is right.

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They're probably desperate, realizing their incompetent government has messed up their supply line.

Wishful thinking.

This product was announced last year and prototype launched months ago, but you think this announcement has anything to do with the export restrictions announced by Japan weeks ago? Facepalm

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Going by the reasoning of some here boeing should have ditched the 787 when the battery problem surfaced and should just ditch the737 Max that has killed hundreds.

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Well, That was a waste of typing 30 words. (Much like reading them - Guilty)

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