Samsung to unveil smartwatch next month


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This device will probably go the way of 3D TVs and touch screens.

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Samsung is a follower, not a leader. This will be (another) flop.

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Don't worry. Once Apple comes out with the iWatch, people all of a sudden will find uses for it out of nowhere.

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I can see wrist devices getting very old (and very scratched), very quickly.

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@Strangerland, well said. Finally, an Apple fan I can have some respect for.

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I am a bit confused, so while I have my phone in my pocket, my watch will also ring / beep etc to tell me that I have mail to check on my phone?

Do I have to put a simcard in my watch now too?

Or maybe if I'm too lazy to pull out my phone to take a picture, i point my wrist at something like spiderman style and it snaps a picture for me?

I am very confused as to what I would use a smartwatch for....

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haha I love it, now apple fans have something to be angry about.

I'm an apple fan - it just gives me something to look forward to. The competition means Apple will have to come up with a good product to compete. Without this competition they may become complacent. Although if their products ever stop being something I want, I'll be fine with switching to some other brand.

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I'm guessing it will have about 1,000 useless apps and will be really shiny.

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haha I love it, now apple fans have something to be angry about.

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More interested in the Note 3. Though it will be interesting to see just how well wearable computing catches on... People need to keep in mind that wearing those things will not make them look like the models in the ads, but have the potential to make them look ridiculous.

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