Samsung touts $2,000 foldable phone as a 'VIP' experience


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The last one wasn't worth the price tag and this will be no different. Samsung really wants to alienate their consumer base.

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Not paying $2,000 for something that will be obsolete and worthless in 24 months.

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Saw this phone as product placement in the Korean dramedy, "Was it Love?" Looks pretty impressive. Is it 5G compatible?

-1 ( +6 / -7 )

yawn, too expensive

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looks like the screen would worn out after 1 month of use lol

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I have been a Samsung fan for a while, but they are losing their way. High prices and unaddressed problems. Lucky for them that Huawei is banned these days.

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interesting they couldn't solve their normal phones problems and now they are forcing this foldphone on people and want them to pay 2000 good marketing

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No thank you, I’ll stick with my iPhone11

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Hah. I still have the iphone 5. I am crying inside. Most things stay the same anyway and the app store still has all the apps.

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Conspicuous consumption in the midst of a pandemic?

No thanks!

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I use iphone over samsung, because Apple has so many stores set up all over the world and it does not matter where you bought your phone if you have problems you get serviced. In addition, they stand by their extended warranties which is rare these days in any company. Samsung, they have very few stores set up to help tech inept people like me and I have heard nothing about their warranty.

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I'd actually love to get some hands on time with the Fold. Thats the pics and stat sheets really dont cut it with tech. As far as dropping 2k....if I hit the lottery, sure.

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Sure to add more fuel to the divisive status game in South Korea and around the world. Human nature at its ugliest.

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Z Fold2

Zed's dead, baby. Zed's dead.

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