Samsung unveils newest smartphone hoping for sales boost

By Drew Angerer

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I like that the stylus somewhat resembles a spent matchstick.

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Galaxy's are excellent phones get one any day.

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I have S7 Edge and S8 and the SD Card is a great feature. Speed is no issue but not all apps can be moved to SD Card. But Samsung apps cant be deleted from the unit. But still very useful for all vids, pics and most games and apps. Also Bixby button can be turned off so irrelevant

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The price for that model will be $1,1250 in the United States...

A bit steep. I can buy a car for that...

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A terabyte in your pocket? I can remember my university being so proud when its mainframe acquired its third megabyte!

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Nobody is going to buy one when you can get an iPhone X for cheaper.

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Think Samsung going to be disappointed when they start selling their bendable phone.

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