Samsung unveils smartwatch ahead of rival Apple


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I don't get it. It basically a Bluetooth appliance that lets you use your smartphone. I assume you need the smartphone to used the twitter and Facebook. I don't see any advantage in having this device.

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Classic. And yet it was clearly Apple's idea -- which means they were just copying yet again.

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haha - Yet, if this was an Apple device both of you above would have wet your knickers about it! Funny.

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Is this designed for people who are too lazy to reach into their pocket and take out their phone? Who needs a smart watch that will most likely run out of battery and leave you wondering what time it is?

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It seems just the same as the Sony SmartWatch, which has been out for ages.

I can't see these catching on. I get annoyed when my watch has to go in for an overhaul every seven years or so. Charging the thing every day is not acceptable.

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@smithinjapan Apples idea, phone watches were thought of long before Apple decided to build one. you Apple fanboys are blinded by innovation BS Apple keeps preaching. Like the Iphones the Apple smartwatch will probably have many of the parts made by Samsung anyways, really innovative.

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wtfjapan: "you Apple fanboys are blinded..."

I'd say anyone who starts out their argument with name-calling is the one who's blind. Apple has been developing the watch for some time, and the minute news about it was leaked Samsung jumped on the opportunity to shout they were doing the same -- get it? the SAME. Now, if Apple were to suddenly announce that it were developing iGlasses I would fully acknowledge that they were ripping off Google's idea. Shame you can't say the same. It's quite well known Samsung has stolen ideas in the past.

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This is the Samsung version of "First!" In the comment field, right? Right?

They really rushed to get this dubious device out there as fast as possible (and before Apple, nota bene) and yet, there is no real innovation going on here. Coupled with your smartphone, it is vasically an attempt to sell the gullible more stuff they don't need. What does this "smart"watch do all by itself? Does it show the time? Twitter? An arbitrary system, probably gone in 5-10 years... Facebook? Haha, come on.

The iPhone was great because it was a need people didn't know they had and it got a lot of momentum quickly. This is just trying to ride the smartphone wave but without any real need fulfilled.

And charging your wristwatch every day? Mmm, sounds great.

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Bwah ha ha LOL Samsung - took the bait, hook, line and sinker. Now watch as Apple comes out with some cool new stuff, but no watches.

Samsung reminds me of a dog humping someone's leg.

Sent from my iPhone.

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And yet it was clearly Apple's idea

Clearly a nonsensical statement.


Pebble Technology has sold more than 85,000 of its Pebble watches since raising $10.3m to make them on Kickstarter. Sony is already on its second device, the SmartWatch 2, which went on sale earlier this year.

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go samsung! well done!

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@smithinjapan ha Apple steals other peoples tech just as much, just doesnt get prosecuted in the US, but we all know how much they like to price fix in the Ebook saga, slave workers at its Chinese factories. Apple is not the angel you fanboys make them out to be. LOL

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ughhhh more gadgets and toys that somehow are suppose to enhance our lives...

Maybe I'm just old...but what is with the need to connect everything and everyone together ?

Does my watch really need to connect to my phone which connects to TV which connects to coffeepot

I don't understand how any of this enhances our lives at all.

Do we really need to always be notified that someone msged us, or posted some new pictures on facebook, during every second of our short lives?

is it not cool to wear like a regular stylish wristwatch or to use regular glasses which don't make me feel like I'm a character in Dragonball Z ?

Please someone tell I just too old to understand all of this?

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People, People.....Why you say Samsung copied Apple's in-development wrist-watch smartphone? Clearly Samsung did not infringe copyright nor did they copy Apple. Stop saying Samsung copied apple because they did not.

Like the article states, these type of gadgets were released while back but failed to appeal to the mainstream customers. So neither Samsung or Apple copied each other for that matter.


You Apple-Fan's need to seriously stop being so biased against Samsung.

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Of course Samsung are copying. They aren't copying hardware this time, but they are copying. They are copying the leak that Apple MAY come out with an iWatch device. And their timing is to take the wind out of their sails if they do.Pathetic really. Apple leads Samsung follows.

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Apple leads Samsung follows, LOL that why Samsung sells more smartphones than Apple, oh now Apple is going to make cheaper smartphone to compete with the competition. thank god for Samsung otherwise wed all be buying that overpriced/overrated Apple junk at an even higher price. Iphone 4 has basically a Samsung brain (proccessor/DRAMM) Samsung phone in a pretty case at a premium price. now thats innovation hey

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Samsung actually copied, this time a mere rumour. As soon as Samsung heard rumours that Apple was developing a smartwatch, they just put their giant rip-off quarters to work and release their own version ASAP. That's exactly what it sounds like. But does it matter? I don't think so. People who like Samsung devices will buy it. People who like Apple will wait for its iWatch. Can not see people trading brands because one gadget was released some time ahead of its competitors.

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when apple comes out with one, it will be a stand alone product for sure.

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“With Gear you’re able to make calls and receive calls, without ever taking your phone out of your pocket,”

And, just 15 years ago, without ever going into a phone booth or using your home landline phone, lol.

And who wants to read or send email on a tiny wristwatch screen? lol

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