San Francisco police can't use deadly robots for now


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Well, that's a relief, for now. It was kinda emblematic of the killing insanity in the US. Before long, every nutcase would have wanted one of his own. And there'd be some National Robot-killer Association saying, "Robots don't kill people; only people kill people."

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For now. The dystopian world coming our way at full steam from every directions. Wake up people. Wake up.

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Maybe they mean only kind of walking and killing drones which are still remotely controlled by humans, instead of real autonomous killing robots. Anyway, both types aren’t so perfect and soon the according defense methods will be available too. Criminals are then creative and civilians when suffering under them are creative too to take those beasts quickly out of the game.

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If they are based on military robots then there is a human with what looks like a Gameboy controller and a laptop from which to view the different cameras on the robot who operates it. They are not autonomous. Lots of law enforcement agencies around the world use these robots for all kinds of work. I think San Francisco would be safe using them to employ non-lethal means to subdue suspects of which there are many choices to select from.

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Anything is O.K. in San Francisco, it's San Francisco.

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