The biomass power plant in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture Photo: Sankei Energy

Sankei Energy builds Japan's 1st palm oil power plant

By Sousuke Kudo

Sankei Energy Corp, based in Osaka, has built Japan's first biomass power plant that uses inedible palm oil as fuel in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture.

The operation of palm oil-based power plants is less affected by weather conditions than that of other renewable energy-based power plants. And stable revenues can be expected from those plants, the company said.

Moreover, the size of palm oil-based power plants is small in terms of land and facilities, ensuring the amount of power generation that is about six times larger than that of solar power plants of the equivalent facility size, Sankei Energy said.

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Isn't plan oil production an ecologic disaster for the environment?

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Palm oil is terrible for the environment. I am surprised they are highlighting this.

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They say this is renuable. I guess this is a Biomass-Methane power plant. Uses leftovers from Palm Oil Production that is sent to wells and with some Bacteria they make Methane that is absorbed by a membrane and then they a boiler that makes steam and moves a turbine that moves a generator then is sent to a rectifier then is sent to the powe grids

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How many Orangutans will be killed and lost habitat as the result of Palm Oil use in Power plant?

The rain forest in Borneo was cleaned for Palm Oil plantation and that rain forest absorbs CO2. Now Indonesia and Malaysia will be erased the rest of the rain forest on Borneo Island. The global warming and flooding was caused by deforestation of rain forest on the earth. CO2 was not the main reason for global warming and flooding. Deforestation was the main reason for global warming and flooding. In other words, deforestation of rain forest is causing the global warming and flooding.

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