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Scientists, lawyers consider effects of home robots


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I see a lot ladies carrying their e-dog in bags and shovel batteries left by their e-pets. I want a e-hamster.

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I guess they will dub fear of home robots as "horophobia"...

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Can I sue if my sex robot malfunctions?

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They must have watched 'Zettai kareshi'. And I wanted to get that nice robot shown here on JT that would play ping pong with me. Now I am having second thoughts...what would happen if he wouldn't stop playing?

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Altria, it depends. The question is, did you turn it on before you started?

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Just make sure it's not in Lorena Bobbitt mode.

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These robots are the creation of the devil. The home is a place for humans not boffins expereiments that may give us a Terminator type future.

We must ban the use of robots that may have AI. It is too dangerous, we must take care of ourselves by human means. We must care for each other more and become less selfish.

If we need to care for an elderly relative (which i do btw), we must sacrifice some of our free time for this and not rely on maachines taht cannot have emotions and feelings that sick or elderly need to live decent lives.

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Interesting that the slave culture that the scientists want has been written about to death and shown to be a total fraud (thanks sci-fi). There is no reason to replace human beings.

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