SegWit2X fork keeps growing in popularity


On Dec 28, one of the main hard forks in Bitcoin history took place, when Segwit2X revealed the issues of crypto-exchanges, wallets and decentralization in general.

Right after its start, the most powerful support for Segwit2X was provided by the miners. The aggregate capacity of friendly mining pools accounts for more than 300 Th/s. B2X is actively mined at such pools as, Zumminer, B2X.Multipools, Needlecoin.

Quite recently B2X has become available for mining on VVPool, a partner of the biggest Chinese F2Pool mining platform. On Jan 10, it was confirmed that SegWit2X was also supported by a partner pool: The excessive activity of miners shows that B2X mining is very profitable due to the enhanced code the Blockchain fork team managed to provide.

Since the fork, the price of B2X futures has been soaring. At the moment, the futures are already traded on many exchanges, such as HitBTC, YoBIT,, NegocieCoins (largest Brazilian exchange) and (Indonesia), among others. Right now, SegWit2X team is actively negotiating opportunities to enlist B2X futures in other top exchange platforms. B2X is also present at Coinmarketcap.

All these facts point to the importance of Bitcoin Segwit2X for the crypto-community.

Such great support by ordinary users can be explained through the technologies that B2X offers. It is able to get rid of high commissions for transactions and low speed of the Bitcoin network itself. The state-of-art technologies backing up SegWit2X fork enabled the introduction of the X11 algorithm, replay protection, block size limit increase, unique address format, etc.

 The petition supporting the fork has already gathered over 100,000 signatures from Blockchain enthusiasts worldwide. SegWit2X supporters keep commenting on the fork: "The entire decentralized community needs Segwit2X. If we do not decide to be a fork, then there is no decentralized community". Their support was especially valuable to the project team, which from the very first day faced unprecedented pressure and threats on their way since someone thought that Bitcoin Segwit2X has an impact on the Bitcoin rate.

Despite all these obstacles, the fork of Bitcoin - Segwit2X was successfully launched, thereby proving that the freedom of choice in the modern crypto-market is more urgent than ever. And right now we witness the unprecedented growth of the fork weight within the Blockchain community.

More information about the project can be found on the official website and in social networks:

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I have never heard about it

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I know nothing about this cryptocurrency and I prefer BTC. It's more popular and stable. BTC lets transacting parties remain anonymous, keep transactions very secure, and eliminate redundant fees. I have not much BTC but I was thinking to try my luck in online casinos. I watched on video that some of them accept cryptocurrency. It's my chance :)

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