Self-cleaning toilet makes splash in Las Vegas


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Love the headline!

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I like"It also eliminates the need for toilet paper", don't misunderstand me,I wash myself using water.

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They should name the wall-hung toilet "the well-hung one," especially if it uses well water, which well may be the case in Las Vegas.

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Japan is extreme when it comes to toilets. The hi-tech ones are very very good, but the low-tech ones are horrid. Why are there so many nasty squatty potties everywhere? A station near my home recently upgraded the restroom facilities, and guess what they installed! That's right, brand new squatty potties in every stall. why on earth is there a demand for those things?

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why on earth is there a demand for those things?

1) You don't have to touch your butt to the seat

2) They are actually supposed to be better posture for the ol' #2

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Use less paper but more water. I fail to see how that is better.

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A 60 yen bottle of water. Drink it and reuse it...fill with warm water and with a bit of effort and practice- and on a good day - you might just clean up down there with 500 millilitres or so. Less paper and blow drying a butt? Can not be hygienic. Don't need a huge imagination to see that. Don't need paper if you use a towel...The best toilet is a dry one, or one that requires little water to rinse away...non-flush toilets with a big hole in the flooring cannot be beat (small children and chiwawas slightly at risk of falling into the abyss. One more thing. Don't let the pp fill up. Trough it off. This wil eliminate bounce back and reduce smell from inside and out. They will never appease the howardhughues' in the room, unless you got that air sucking back. Yes, a vacuum dry. Otherwise those micro organisms become plentiful over cheeks and thighs.

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Japanese hi tech toilets are better in many points if there are much natural water there. Japan is very rich rainfall country. Nothing good for country having rainfalls a few times a year.

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great idea indeed

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I was at the Shibuya Hooters when I first encountered one of those hi-tech things. There were more controls on that wall panel than the Mk 114 Fire Control ASROC launching console I operated back when I was in the Navy! I was so taken aback I took a picture for later study:

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