Self-driving car revolution coming, but slowly


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The lack of progress with self-driving cars emphasises something very important: the human being is truly amazing. Car manufacturers have thrown all the technology in the world at the problem, but yet they cannot achieve what most adults do effortlessly on a daily basis.

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The autonomous driving isn't going well in San Francisco - these cars are causing traffic chaos / gridlock and accidents there continuously. To make matters worse, many people are placing traffic-cones on the cars to disable them, a kind of anarchic protest, which I guess they find hilarious.

The main focus should be on developing clean synthetic fuel to replace petrol and diesel - we have synthetic everything-else, why are the scientists and technologists so slow on developing this ? EV's aren't really the answer, as the cost and cleanliness of making the electricity are both high and questionable, plus a huge majority of people live in flats with no access to charging-points.

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I particularly liked the photos of the self-driving car stuck in freshly poured cement.

Self-driving cars are the driving factor (pun intended) of ride-share company investors. Uber and Lyft lose $billions every year, but funds still pour other peoples’ money into them to keep them afloat until drivers can be eliminated. It’s a decades long strategy.

Gotta get rid of those pesky humans and their pesky wages so they end up on the street, and the equity funds can make mo money cause daddy needs a new yacht.

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We really needed to transition from ICE to EVs ad quickly as possible. Chasing the pipe dream of Autonomy has delayed that significantly, at great cost to manufacturers and the environment.

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Self-driving car revolution coming, but slowly

It's slow, it will be even slow in Japan, while Korea already show a way to do it.

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