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Senior staff leave gaming firm Ubisoft in harassment probe

By Frederic J BROWN

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''Ubisoft, I'll be hard''. Should be their company motto

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There's a point when a company changes from "a group of friends" into a "corporate entity" and all the informal crap the small team does cannot be allowed any longer. Ubisoft passed that mark at least 10 yrs ago. Somewhere around 100-200 employees, the corporate handbook comes in and from that point on, no hanky-panky from anyone, at any level, can be allowed.

I've worked places where if you were going to date a coworker, then a form had to be filled out and signed by both people saying they agreed and that the company wouldn't be held accountable for any sexual harassment between those 2 people.

I've seen S-VPs fired over stupid sexual harassment.

I've been sexually harassed at work, in multiple companies. It is not OK.

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