Sensor lets diaper say baby needs changing


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Methinks a green circuit board would have been a better choice for this demonstration.

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I already have a sensor that got me through two kids. My nose.

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Can it say pee pee or poo poo? Now that would be impressive.

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Umm, is this yet another excuse for selfish parents to ignore their kids until the last minute? Useless.

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Ha!@Strangerland, you took the words right out of my mouth.

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Strangerland took the words out of my mouth as well. I guess it just goes to show how unnecessary this kind of tech is. We seem to have survived without it well enough for hundreds of thousands of years.

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Diapers eat up a whole lotta money. When my kids were young, we knew their patterns and only used disposable diapers when it was poo poo time; otherwise, we used cloth and saved a bundle. I could see how this product could be of great help for the elderly, though; time saved would more than pay for it.

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While I'm sure some people will find this cute, I think it is telling for why Japan does not get that everything cannot be solved by electronic gadgets. As harmless as it is, the very attitude that a diaper baby would need a sensor in it's diaper to tell distracted parents about when it's time to change diapers (ie, they don't need to pay any attention to the kid) is feacked up. Personal interaction is already messed up in Japan. It does not need to move in this direction.

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We always used "cloth" diapers which I lined with special paper for the "big one". For those too busy/lazy or who don't have a washing machine, there are services that rent out diapers and do all the "dirty work" (at least, there used to be ! Don't know if they still exist).

Of course I'm sure there'd be no danger but just the thought of electronics and "liquid" being "in touch" with other, I think I'd be afraid of electrocuting baby...! ;)

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That's not so efficient yet, but that will be great when you'll be on the highway asking "Do I really need to do that stop now and go looking for a not-so-cleaning changing room in the service station ?". That could be used on cloth diapers too.

for selfish parents

No, those just let their kids in their sh...t all day at home or on the pachinko's parking.

We seem to have survived without it well enough for hundreds of thousands of years.

Sure and we have survived Winters living naked and sleeping in caves and yourself, you don't use gadgets like clothes I'm sure. Progress on diapers have been a spectacular and life-changing. I remember baby-sitting at the time of washable diapers and that was hell even with washing machines so I can't just imagine grand-ma that didn't even have running water...

Diapers eat up a whole lotta money.

I agree and I find the color system helps reducing the waste compared to when you had to tear off the diaper just to check. New models in shape of panties are great as they can be used as a security the whole day if you "catch" junior in time for potty.

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A practical idea if you're a busy parent. Suitable for families who are having trouble doing household chores, work, and giving attention to other family members at the same time. But maybe not here in Japan. Maybe for regions like in Southeast Asia where babies and families are booming.

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Knox, Strangerland, smithinjapan - Right on. Our noses and the look on our babies' face told my wife and I everything we needed to know. We also have three dogs and two cats and I know the health of each of them by looking at their poop and know exactly when they are ready to go do their business. I don't need a sensor for something that parents have been doing for generations. We need to get back to basics at some certain level instead of "teching" every blessed thing on earth. Besides Grandma would give me an ear full if I bought one of these. Maybe I'll try one on myself just to see how well the sensor works!

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A better market for them would be final stage alzheimers patients. We would use it in my house.

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there's an easier and cheaper way to determine when the diaper needs changing - a method that has been in use for decades: when you smell poo, it's time for a changeroo.

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My nose can tell when baby needs to change Diaper.

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My nose can tell when baby needs to change Diaper.

Eyes tearing up is also a pretty good sign, too.

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