Seven-Eleven to use biodiesel made from waste cooking oil


Convenience store operator Seven-Eleven Japan Co said Monday that it will test the use of biodiesel fuel made from recycled cooking oil in delivery vehicles in Hokkaido for three months through the end of August.

In the biggest test on biodiesel use in Japan, waste cooking oil will be collected from Seven-Eleven shops and a food maker in Sapporo and nearby areas for production of the environment-friendly fuel.

Seven-Eleven will use the biodiesel fuel for deliveries of boxed meal deliveries to some 460 outlets in Sapporo and nearby areas as well as in Tomakomai by 58 vehicles.

The total driving distance covered will be some 2 million kilometers, using about 16,000 liters of the fuel.

The company expects the use of biodiesel to cut total carbon dioxide emissions by some 42.7 tons during the three-month test period.


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From the taste of their food I thought they were using cooking oil made from waste of biodiesel.

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Goooooooooooooooooooo.....TEMPURA EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!

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Why are they 'testing' it in 2008? Willie Nelson has been selling it since 2004. Or is 'testing' a euphemism for 'getting government money to convert to biodiesel'? (Oh no, the inner cynic is escaping.)

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Oil is rising in price much faster than I had anticipated, so the use of used cooking oil on any large scale now, is a surprise. But, I did have a name for it on JT in Sept.2003:

Shiga gas station sells biofuel made from used vegetable oil And thruout the countryside, young or old, they... apec_net Click here to see member profile (Jul 28 2006 - 04:45) Rate | Report

began to call their biofuel as, the Tempura Express, so the legend says.

Yamaha Motor to launch bio-business Holy Mackeral! apec_net Click here to see member profile (Sep 18 2003 - 17:49) Rate | Report

Now, pop on that lady's turbocharger on the Yamaha outboard motor which runs on used cooking oil and call it, "the Tempura Express".


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A Tokyo renderer was making biodeisel out of used cooking oil since the early 90's. A KFC franchise in Nagano has been doing this since 1998 and in addition to fueling delivery trucks, they were using the biodiesel for co-generating electricity off a diesel generator to run the restaurant they collected the oil from. It's about time this is catching on. While there are challenges making quality fuel from recycled oil, it's not rocket science.

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