The home-use Cloud Storage Battery System. The JH-WB1821 Li-ion battery (left) and the JH-42JT2 hybrid power conditioner (right). Photo: SHARP

Sharp's battery system efficiently stores solar electricity

By Sousuke Kudou

Sharp Corp will release a new model of its home-use Cloud Storage Battery System, which can store power generated by solar panels, on July 6. It supports rapid charging and can efficiently store solar electricity in a battery even with few hours of sunshine.

The product code of the new system is JH-WBP67A/JH-WBP70A. It can store solar electricity and low-priced nighttime electricity and supply it at the time of disaster or during hours when the amount of power generation is small.

Also, when the system works in conjunction with a DC (direct-current) hybrid air conditioner that can be powered by the stored electricity without DC-AC conversion, it becomes possible to reduce conversion loss, compared with normal air conditioners.

The Cloud Storage Battery System consists of the JH-WB1821 lithium-ion (Li-ion) storage battery and the JH-42JT2/JH-55JT3 hybrid power conditioner. The nominal capacity of the storage battery is 8.4kWh. Sharp halved the time it takes to fully and rapidly charge the battery to about 2.5 hours, compared with the previous model.

The rated output of the hybrid power conditioner at the time of stand-alone operation was increased to 2.0kW. The JH-42JT2 has a conversion efficiency of 96.0% (with a power factor of 1.0). The number of input circuits is two. When connected to a power grid, its rated output is 4.2kW.

The JH-55JT3 has a conversion efficiency of 95.5%. The number of its input circuits is three. When connected to a power grid, its rated output is 5.5kW.

The JH-WBP67A combines the JH-WB1821 and JH-42JT2, and its manufacturer's suggested retail price is ¥2,910,000 (excluding tax). The JH-WBP70A consists of the JH-WB1821 and JH-55JT3, and its manufacturer's suggested retail price is ¥2,980,000 (excluding tax). Sharp will produce 250 units per month.

Also, Sharp will release the NU-210AH residential monocrystalline solar panel July 23, 2018. It has a conversion efficiency of 18.2% and a nominal maximum output of 210W. Its manufacturer's suggested retail price is ¥96,600. The company will produce 6,200 units of the solar panel per month.

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@¥2,910,000 what would be the equivalent of about about 428 months of our power charges or 35 years?

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Agreed, too much for so little in return,especially when you consider the life of the battery.... though becomes a different matter if it comes with a performance guarantee forever ... (20-35 years+).

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Seems to me they're on the right track, but not yet cost effective. I'm very interested in solar for vacation house power, but don't think the cost makes it break even now.

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Yes, this is expensive.

We'll be seeing more of these though, because the feed-in tariff that pays solar panel owners a high price for any energy they sell to the grid is about to run out. Store it and use it is the new sales pitch for panels, not sell it at 40 yen a kWh.

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Way too expensive, but the technology will become cheaper.

Capturing the power of the sun is the most important goal for us. Globally it is plentiful and the alternatives are running out - however much extra oil we squeeze out but I doubt there will be much left in 200 years.

Storage and transport is still the biggest challenge.

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Expensive, but the article suggest it's for special uses such as in disasters. I think it's a move in the right direction, especially as it can be charged from both solar and the grid. I'm looking forward to the day we can all have a device that stores up to say two-days worth of charge for our homes. Even if just charged from the grid, the efficiencies gained in grid power distribution would be enormous.

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I see a market here, for Treadmill connected to battery charger's.. Keep Fit, and at the same time, power your keitei. :-)

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