Sharp's new lineup of small humanoid robots to go on sale


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Great. A little robot spy in the house to take incriminating photos of kids eating potato chips and watching TV instead of doing their homework.

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Well when I was a kid if someone set up a tiny roboho to spy on me, and its only 20 cm tall...

I’m taking that Robot out!

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Great for the pet.

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79,000 yen for what is essentially a phone-case.

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Making products like these forced Sharp to sell to Hon Hai (Foxconn). Curious how many units they need to sell before they break even.

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Have to agree with everyone here.

coming soon to a CNN banner ad 'This electronic device is taking Japan by storm!' The official dying ground of useless plastic gadjets.

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Are these the little robots I saw on the news at that ridiculous matchmaking session where nobody talked to each other, just their little robots talking to prospective mates' robots? It was one of the most ridiculous things I ever saw. These look just like them.

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As another poster stated: this was one of the reasons that they had to sell themselves to Foxconn.

Alexa Amazon's Personal assistant is 100000000000% better than this junk (A student of mine brought his in the show me about 8 months ago) plus an echo dot costs around 5,000 yen and is in millions of houses.

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Didn't know she comes with a toy

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