Sharp launching robot smartphone 'RoBoHoN'


Sharp has developed a next-generation mobile phone. It's a robot-style phone named "RoBoHoN."

Sharp created it as a joint project with renowned Japanese robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi. His know-how about robotics and Sharp's mobile phone technology resulted in a 19.5cm-tall bipedal robot smartphone that you can bring in your pocket or bag anywhere you go.

RoBoHoN has basic smartphone features including phone calling, messaging, camera, Wi-Fi, and a 2.0-inch LCD touch panel. It has a small projector functionality which allows you to project photos and movies on flat surfaces such as walls or a desk.

You can even control its functionality to speak to RoBoHoN. It talks, walks, gets up, dances, and recognizes human faces.

RoBoHoN is scheduled to be released for sale in early 2016.

Size: 19.5cm Weight: 390g CPU: MSM 8926 1.2GHz 4 core Price: TBD

Source: AkihabaraNews

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Curious. Will future generations of RoBoHon include brain-computer interfaces?

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Really nice demo video. Could “RoBoHoN” be soft or fuzzy or animal form? Maybe little suits could be changeable for the weather or season, and cleanliness. Of course, voice choices would be great, famous or favorite accents? A larger version would be an essential "companion" for elderly and nanny for kids? If partnered with companion “RoBoHoN", they could work together in a home to assure meds are taken and someone in distress would be monitored to summon aid. Just love the demo.

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Yeah... won't fly.

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I commend this effort by seriously struggling Sharp. I hope this will work, but tend to feel notwithstanding this really nice demo video, the real thing when you actually used it will be quite half-baked. So many features this robot seems to packs but I'm afraid it will probably do most of them poorly compared with devices dedicated to each function. But who am I to judge, we'll see next year.

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I dont know why, but i want one of these. I am pretty sure i would break it fairly quickly, but i still want one. Looks like fun!

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Siri, you're fired!

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:50 where did he get that Jeep from? Those things are rare even in the US especially in that condition.

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ridicule and looks like a cheap plastic toy made in china.

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